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Pick The Right Brushes

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

A good variety of five brushes is enough to start with:

- 1/2 inch flat brush

- Round brush #3, #6

- 1 liner #8

Add some sponges, by using one clean sponge for each face.

Clean Your Brushes

After each use, the brushes needs to be clean up with soap and warm water. Several rinse (at least 3 times during 2 or 3 min each) is extremely important. The best soap to use is Dr Bronner's liquid soap that you would need to dilute at the ratio of 1:10 with water in a 30 ml container. Add 5 drops of EnGuard Doterra Essential oils that contains anti-bacterial properties.

The drying part is the last part that you CAN'T miss. It is so important that the brushes are being properly cleaned and dry otherwise, your brushes won't be free of bacteria if they are still damped.

This technique has been used by makeup artists as well.

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