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How to choose a good facepainter/balloon Artist?

Written by Alice Alice, 08/06/22

Choosing a good artist/entertainer, it's like navigating on a Pirogue in the Amazonian jungle, it's difficult and you have so many choices to choose from. Here are a few tips for companies, decision makers and parents to book the right entertainment for your event(s):

1/ How do you know if an entertainer in reliable?

A few things to look at is definitely the website, social medias (such as Instagram) to search for the latest posts. Is the Artist on the pictures? Do the kids look happy? Where the Artist has been working lately? A few search from Google Review would be also helpful but not all good artists are on Google reviews. The very experienced entertainers already have their clientele and don't really need Google reviews to rely on finding new clientele.

2/How do I know if the Artist is overcharging me?

Rates varies between $100-$175/hour. Under you are dealing with beginners (means probably good but not able to handle a large crowd yet such as festivals or tough kids. The hours are negotiable for festivals but not very often for private birthdays.

3/Last decision belongs to you: give a phone call to have a conversation with the Artist. It will give an idea about the social skills of the Artist. Painting and twisting balloon is good, having social skills is evenly important to make sure that the Artist could handle the kids, answering questions and make the little guests the most welcome at the event.

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