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Make Sure You Use Good Products!

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Always go for good quality makeup. You don't want to see your child with a bad skin reaction. You will pay your makeup a higher price but the quality of your design is worth it. I only go for professional facepainting products, brands such as: Mehron, TAG, FPA. Silly Farm, Global, Superstar. Why? Because those products are largely used among the World of facepainter, and it is safe to use unless you have skin/condition allergies.

Face Paints Vs Acrylics Paint

Facepainters have been facing violent critics about the products they have been using. The cost for professional material for facepainting is high. Acrylics for craft is a lot cheaper and some pretending artists are using acrylics paints on your sweet children's faces that occurs into 1st degree burns. Please be vigilant about the material being used on your children or guests.

Good professional kits usually looks like this:

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